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Implantation with a surgical guide (guided implant surgery)

Long-term success of implantation depends on a right three-dimensional planning. For good osseointegration as well as ideal aesthetic view and long-term result the placement of an implant in a proper position is very important.

Many implants are placed after planning according to a regular X-ray image which in most cases supplies only very limited visual information. Such treatment is related with the higher risk and even the most experienced surgeon could not always attain the required precision.

At VivaDens clinic you have all the possibilities for digital treatment planning and guided implant surgery according to the most advanced recent technologies.

VivaDens uses GALILEOS Implant software in which X-ray images of computed tomography (CBCT) Sirona Orthophos XG 3D are matched with CEREC CAD/CAM system used by VivaDens. That allows digital planning of a place for future crowns and implants, fabrication of an implantation guide, placement of implants precisely in a position optimal for prosthetic works and fabrication of crowns on implants.

According to available information (bone and soft tissue structure, bite) the most precise implant position is planned which is very crucial for its osseointegration, aesthetic result and future prosthetic works.

During surgery with a help of a guide an oral surgeon places an implant in the same position which was anticipated during digital planning.


Standard implantation (scheme):
dental implant
Guided implant surgery (scheme):

Dental implant guided

Advantages of digital implantation:

  1. The most advanced extensive examination technology.
  2. Maintenance of minimal risk during entire course of treatment.
  3. Shorter surgical times and more acceptable post-operative discomfort. Guided implant surgery allows the performance of surgery in a minimally invasive manner. At the same time conditions for good oral health are created.
  4. Additional procedures are not required.

All factors listed above determine the long-term treatment results and life comfort.

Indications for a guided implant surgery:

  1. For more precise implantation and prosthetics.
  2. Large and extensive teeth defects.
  3. Bone atrophy.
  4. Supporting anatomical structures (nerves, maxillary sinus, irregular form of jaw alveolar process, etc.) and their variations.
  5. Immediate implant placement (after extraction).
  6. Flap-free implantation.
  7. Aesthetic zone and procedures of Digital Smile Design (DSD).

Course of work:

  1. During consultation a dentist provides you with extensive information on your individual condition and treatment options.
  2. Scanning of jaws (teeth rows) for digital impressions and virtually creating a future crown according to your bite with an assistance of special software.
    Digital planning of future crown with CAD/CAM CEREC software
  3. 3D digital X-ray is made to obtain a precise jaw image (bone volume, height and location of surrounding anatomical structures).
  4. Received result is processed by special software. Clinical situation is analyzed according to available results and position of an implant is determined which is defined by limits of future tooth:
    Pav.: 3D rentgeno nuotraukoje matomas suplanuotas būsimo vainiko ir implanto vaizdas
    Image of planned future crown and implant visualized on 3D X-ray
  5. 3D implantation planning software provides the possibility to choose an ideal implant size, form and position taking into consideration supporting anatomical structures. An implant guide is made according to that data.
    Digital planning and designing of an implant guide. After planning a guide is fabricated or printed and used during surgery for a precise implant placement
  6. Implant guide is fabricated at clinic out of special plastic blocks and implantation is performed.
    3D X-ray shows an implant placed exactly in a planned position optimal for a prosthetic restoration.

VivaDens provides a possibility for 3D implant position planning according to a position of future teeth crown and to perform implant surgery using a precise guide made by digital CAD/CAM system. That ensures aesthetic and anatomically correct implant position. Implant guides are made at VivaDens, German laboratories and other EU countries according to the needs and wishes of clients.

It is simply more reliable, safe and precise treatment.