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Client Testimonials

For more than 15 years I felt discomfort when speaking in public, I never smiled for pictures. When I realized that I will never come to terms with my complexes, I decided to go to VivaDens. I still can‘t believe that, during just two visits, we managed to get rid of the problem that tortured me for so many years. Now I do not want to stop smiling! And for that I will always be grateful to the VivaDens team of professionals, and especially dentist I. Ivancė – you create miracles. Thank you. /I.K./

Good job! I am very pleased with my smile. I am happy that I chose Short-Term Ortho (STO) because it’s a quick way towards an aesthetic smile, which was the most important to me.
I chose STO and waited for the beginning of the treatment eagerly. I had undergone a classical orthodontic treatment (removable appliance) before, however we did not achieve any results. Thanks to VivaDens for my wonderful smile! /M.K./

I was dreaming about beautifying my smile for about 20 years. And that finally happened! I rejoice much and I am so proud of that. The most important is the fact that now I trust myself more, I don’t feel strained while communicating with people and I smile considerably much more. My job is much related with communication, coordination, talking with people, thus this change has improved it.
When a smile beautifies a person’s face, he/she certainly feels lovely, and when he/she fells lovely, nice and attractive, then he is happier, there is a willingness to communicate, simply to rejoice and smile widely each day. /E.P./

Great thanks to doctor Ivance. She gave me the biggest gift which could only be given by a man: self-confidence (maybe somewhat resonant but that is the total truth). Thank you. We express more than 70 percent of our feelings, thoughts and attitudes through the body language; smiling through tight lips or covering their mouth, people seem to be insincere and nervous which makes it unconsciously unpleasant for others to communicate with them. Each man who has inferiority complexes will agree with me that in the course of time communication becomes harder and harder; self-distrust continues growing... one finds himself as if in a vicious circle...
I am very glad that I have not been waiting too long, I am glad that I have found such a place where each employee understands you as if without words, works with such love, carefulness, sensitiveness and care seeking only the best result which they, due to their professionalism, achieve very easily.
It was pleasant to be here, I trust this clinic and if I ever need it, I will return only here.
I wish the very best to all the personnel. /O.L. /

I never imagined my smile could be so beautiful. I also never imagined I could be so relaxed and comfortable in a dentist's chair! My heartfelt thanks to all at VivaDens. With love. /M/

Sincerely thank You for beautiful smile. /M.L./

Super. I'm very happy. /W.T./

I didn’t expect that it is possible to do so beautifully! /U.D./

Teeth look white, naturally, filling sutures are not visible and I am very pleased. /E.J./

I have been always dreaming of such teeth. Now I will have to learn how to smile. /J.I./

I can’t stop touching the teeth with my tongue, they are so smooth! Many thanks! /K.L./

I am a picky man and I love accurateness. And I found here what I had been looking for. /D.K./

I'm very thankful for a wonderful smile. Even in America you can't get such high quality. /G.M-M./

I would not hesitate recommending your excellent dental care services to all my friends and colleagues worldwide. /Y.G./

Please accept my big gratitude for the beautiful smile you gave me, for careful and pleasant service. I have been waiting for such beautiful teeth for 24 years. I will recommend you also to others. Thank you. /V.K./

I feel as I was born again as I had always had the inferiority complex because of an unsuccessful smile. Friends and relatives say that my face has changed. That is why I would like to thank you sincerely for my smile! /I.M./

Testimonials of experts of aesthetic dentistry

Photo album of Ivanciute’s works isn‘t Dickenson‘s book on smile design, that you can buy. There isn’t better motivation to a client… And all her works – direct aesthetic restoration – just great and beautiful work. I am thankful to her for sharing this with us. /Prof. Paul S.Belvedere, DDS, Adjunct Professor, School of Dentistry, University of Minnesota. He is an internationally renowned teacher, author, inventor and innovator in composite dentistry, consultant to dental manufacturers. He maintains general and cosmetic dental practice in Edina, Minnesota./

Great. Super. Very, very beautiful… wonderful work. You should teach not only in your country, but also teach us how to do that. /K.William Mopper, D.D.S., pioneer of dental aesthetic education, founder and chairman of Cosmedent, Inc., Winnetka, Illinois, USA/

Wonderful work, it is unbelievable that it can be done so well in Lithuania... /Dr. Barbro Berg, President of the Swedish Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry/

As I´ve realized (...) there´s a high level of dentistry arising. /Dr. Wolfgang Richter, President of European Society of Esthetic Dentistry, Germany/

Dentist from USA about VivaDens