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Teeth Restoration News in VivaDens is Already Now

Teeth Porcelain Restorations in Single Visit with CAD/CAM - CEREC 3D or 3Shape

Dentistry patients (clients) and dentists wait for more advanced and comfortable technologies. Strength of teeth to be restored has to be harmonized with natural teeth. If teeth to be restored are stronger – they will damage natural teeth, if they are weaker – they will crack themselves. They have to be long-lived, functional and beautiful. And indirect teeth restoration (prosthesis) has to be comfortable, possibly short-term and cost-effective. Such teeth prosthesis – porcelain restoration equipment and technology CEREC CAD/CAM was created and offered to dentistry clients and dentists by its manufacturer Sirona (Germany). 3Shape TRIOS  CAD/CAM system is manufactured by 3Shape (Denmark).

A word CEREC is derived from combination of English words - Ceramic Reconstruction. Thus, in CEREC and 3Shape CAD/CAM technology different ceramics (porcelain) is used for teeth restoration. CAD/CAM equipment consists of three parts as follows: 3D laser scanner CEREC Bluecam, CEREC Omnicam or 3Shape TRIOS, design – art CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and fabrication part – CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing). CAD is designed for computer design and CAM – to fabricate any one to eight teeth aesthetic porcelain restoration – from simple onlays to crowns and ceramic veneers to client. Usually this equipment is called CEREC CAD/CAM or 3Shape CAD/CAM equipment.

3Shape scanner and CAD

CEREC, 3Shape CAD/CAM allows to fabricate very precise ceramic restorations and to restore function, shape and beauty of your teeth in saving manner. In many cases the fillings are better to be replaced by CEREC, 3Shape porcelain restorations (especially in area of molars), because they are more accurate, functional and long-term. The most modern CEREC version (Biogeneric) that is acquired in VivaDens belongs to bioevolution course in which as a result of numerous scientific dental measurements, CEREC on its own suggests to dentist the best tooth shape also taking into account characteristics of client mouth and high-qualification dentist considering an actual situation and preferences of client may improve it more.

Usually teeth prosthesis with CEREC, 3Shape CAD/CAM technology may be accomplished in single visit only. That supplements much the regular prosthesis and expands its possibilities. CAD/CAM is a revolutionary step in restoration of damaged teeth.
How much does it cost?

How does CAD/CAM (CEREC, 3Shape) work?

Having determined after the consultation of dentist that the most suitable method of tooth restoration is ceramics restorations using CAD/CAM (CEREC, 3Shape) system, the client arrives to prosthesis visit.

3shape VivaDensDuring the visit a dentist prepares a tooth for prosthesis - performs respective deep-cut preparation and prepares for taking digital impression – coats a thin layer of special reflective powder.

It is known that the scanning process has a critical importance to accuracy of restorations and their function. Very precise – up to 19 microns of precision, 3D laser scanner CEREC Bluecam or CEREC Omnicam, or up to 19 microns of precision (according to the manufacturer's specifications), 3D laser scanner 3Shape TRIOS is used to take digital impressions in CAD/CAM system. Laser scanning is the most fast, comfortable and accurate. As a result the impression taking and model fabrication procedure in laboratory of dental technician are no more needed.

High technology. Biogeneric software creates the restoration of necessary shape, color, inclination, etc. for damaged teeth according to scanned information about teeth, its antagonist teeth, bite characteristics, adjacent teeth or even according to morphology of undamaged teeth surface of at least one teeth anywhere in mouth. If any significant information is missing, then according to performed numerous dental scientific studies, the technical equipment and software suggest on their own the shape and other characteristics of damaged tooth.

When restoration is designed on computer, the precise design specifications are sent to milling machine CEREC MC XL which mills out the accurate restoration from ceramics (porcelain) block in 10-15 minutes that is ready to be bonded.

Then fabricated restoration is fitted, polished, if needed – dyed additionally, glazed and bonded for permanence - Your tooth is restored back to natural structure, function and beauty.

What are advantages of CAD/CAM (CEREC, 3Shape) technology to the client?

 Usually single visit is enough for restoration of one to four teeth, because onlays, crowns, veneers and bridges are fabricated immediately in clinic; they are not sent to dental technician laboratory for fabrication. This way the treatment time is reduced to one visit, usually one does not need to wear temporary crowns, anesthesia is administered one time, and high precision and shape is guaranteed by computer. These are wonderful possibilities to client and dentist. Even more, they enable to reduce costs of teeth and mouth treatment.

Strong, tooth colored ceramic materials that closely match the formation of natural tooth structure and bio-compatible with soft mouth tissues are used for restorations that allow restoring the teeth of client to their natural strength, beauty and function. This means when you eat hot food and then drink something cold, CAD/CAM restoration and natural tooth expand and contract at almost equal rates. This way your tooth does not crack and you can go on enjoying your meals. Client may rejoice in high quality: aesthetics, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant restoration.
Possibility to respond immediately to the needs of client and emerged extra situation. For instance, a client broke the anterior teeth before his/her holiday. What to do? In such cases CAD/CAM demonstrates its real advantages.


Ceramic Veneers with CAD/CAM
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Single Ceramic Crown with CAD/CAM
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Ceramic Onlay with CAD/CAM
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Filling Versus Crown with CAD/CAM
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Crowns and Bridgework
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