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Platelet-rich fibrin - significantly reduces wound healing time

Sometimes the long wound healing time is the most unpleasant issue during an oral surgical procedure. Currently at VivaDens we apply a revolutionary method which can considerably reduce the wound healing time. Such method is becoming very popular in medicine.

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin is blood plasma component used for induction of post-surgical wound healing after the oral surgical interventions: tooth extraction, implantation, etc. It is derived from venous blood sample of a patient, prepared and immediately injected into the wounded tissues of the same patient. Here the platelets play the major role. They release the growth factors and promote wound healing, tissue sealing, also improve regenerative properties of tissues and act as the mean to stop bleeding. After the use of platelet-rich fibrin, the bleeding stops, inflammation is reduced, wound healing is induced (bone mineralization and formation of new blood vessels are promoted) and the smaller scar is to be expected.

"I recommend this procedure much, because I used it after my teeth was extracted and in fact the surgical teeth extraction site healed incomparably faster".  VivaDens client.