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Periodontology. Periodontological procedures

Periodontology – prophylaxis and treatment of teeth surrounding tissues (gingiva, bone). During periodontological examination tissue condition is examined integrally: condition of periodontium is assessed, gingival and bone “pockets” are measured, dental radiographs are made and discussed. A doctor determines factors which could influence disease formation and prescribes appropriate treatment.

Periodontology. Photo before and after surgical recontouring of gingiva and jaw bone.
Photo before and after surgical recontouring of gingiva and jaw bone, and restoration with ceramic veneers.


Periodontology. Photo before and after surgical recontouring of gingiva and jaw bone.
Photo before and after orthodontic treatment, surgical recontouring of gingiva and jaw bone, and restoration with ceramic veneers of upper jaw.


Periodontology. Photo before and after surgical recontouring of gingiva and jaw bone.
Photo before and after recontouring of gingiva and jaw bone, restoration with ceramic veneers/crowns of upper jaw and restoration with ceramic crowns on implants of 2 molars of lower jaw.


Periodontitis is more difficult to be noticed and it may progress slowly until teeth will start moving. The main symptoms of periodontitis: symptoms of gingivitis, gingiva detached from teeth, enlarged gaps between the teeth, teeth mobility, bad breath and taste in mouth. Periodontitis is divided into several forms and they may be determined by the doctor who examines you, but if not treated a result will be similar - complete mobility of teeth and finally teeth loss. Periodontitis is not only a disease of elder people; it may start already in adolescence. It is scientifically proven that periodontitis increases heart failure risk and premature birth for pregnant women.

Periodontium treatment procedures

At Aesthetic Dentistry Center VivaDens different periodontium treatment procedures are applied. Initially in-depth examination is performed, disease causing factors are determined; clients are given treatment alternatives and individual oral hygiene instructions. Professional oral hygiene is performed for each client and, if needed, root planing.

Laser deepithelization of gingival sulcus is performed and deeply located bacteria are removed from gingival pockets this way renewal of junctional epithelium is induced. Laser deepithelization procedure is suitable for treatment of gingivitis and not considerably advanced periodontitis. This procedure is almost painless and nearly there is no bleeding. Procedure is performed after the consultation, in-depth examination of periodontium and after professional oral hygiene has been performed. During the procedure infected soft tissues and lesions are removed from a bottom of gingival or periodontal pocket. Also inflammation causing bacteria are removed efficiently (Decrease of bleeding and better pocket reduction by approx. 96,9 percent in comparison with regular hydrogene peroxide therapy. Moritz, Schoop. University of Vienna). This way formation of new, healthy tissues of periodontium and re-attachment of gingiva is induced. The procedure may be repeated several times in order to achieve better result.

When conservative therapy is not effective, then surgery procedures are performed:

  • curettage,
  • gingivectomy,
  • flap operations.

In case of extensive bone destruction, during operation bone planing or regenerative procedures may be performed. Essence of these procedures – augmentation of bone and periodontal ligament using bone substitutes and/or bone regeneration stimulating materials.

At VivaDens labial and lingual frenum corrections are also performed by laser as well as aesthetic periodontology procedures. Aesthetic periodontology helps to recreate natural line of gingiva: hypertrophic gingiva is treated, exposed teeth “necks” are covered, "thickening” of gingiva or crown lengthening before indirect restoration (prosthetic therapy) are performed. Specific operation is done only after in-depth planning of the treatment and discussion of possible results with the client.

Periodontological Microsurgery

At VivaDens we perform periodontological operations and aesthetic periodontology procedures using microsurgery technique. Application of this technique has been started in the world recently. The main principles of it came from general microsurgery. During operation a doctor uses special magnifying glasses or microscope. Incisions are done by microsurgical scalper and suturing with special sutures. That gives many advantages in comparison to regular surgery technique when using standard instruments:

  • Incisions are smaller and surrounding tissues are injured less;
  • Tissues heal in a primary way, scars do not form, undesired changes of form and color (particularly important in front teeth area) are absent;
  • Tissues heal much faster – maximum comfort and almost no pain after operation;
  • Periodontal dressing is almost never needed after operation;
  • Sutures in an operative area are hardly seen with the naked eye;
  • It is easier to forecast the result of operation.