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T-Scan: digital occlusal scanning, analysis and correction


To date, one of the main instruments of occlusal analysis in dentistry was an articulating paper and subjective patient "feel" statement regarding the nature of the perceived occlusal contact comfort level.
It was complicated for a dentist to predictably identify which occlusal contact has more force than the others nearby.

Advanced digital occlusal analysis system T-Scan (Tekscan Inc., USA) measures very accurately the occlusal (bite) forces and their distribution in right/left side of the jaw as well as identifies the traumatic occlusal contacts. Having identified this, a dentist may remove interferences, balance your occlusion and often even relieve the pain of temporomandibular joint.

When T-Scan is recommended?

This procedure is recommended much for calibration of occlusal forces, after orthodontic treatment, more extensive direct and indirect restorative procedures in oral cavity, after bite deprogramming, etc. It reduces the risk of cracks and fractures of teeth, fillings, ceramics, also teeth wear, gum recession, etc. as well as longevity of teeth and restorations.
T-scan is applied in VivaDens from 2012.

Testimonials of the clients:

"After indirect restorations of my upper teeth I felt discomfort in my mouth and face - upper teeth were pressing my lower ones. During 6 months a dentist tried to adjust my occlusion using an articulating paper and polishing crowns. He even damaged them a bit. However, this was not much help. Pressure from teeth radiated even to my face muscles and sometimes I experienced pain.
After 2 years, when VivaDens started providing the service of occlusal diagnostics and correction with T-scan system, I used it. A single 45 minute T-scan procedure and the service of a qualified specialist was enough to manage teeth pressing. Face muscle pain was also relieved. I am very satisfied."
Arunas R.

"In other clinics they failed to manage my occlusion, they used articulating paper, etc. At VivaDens I had my occlusion analysis and correction with T-scan system and now my occlution is good. I am very satisfied." Zilvinas G.