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Indirect Aesthetic and Functional Restorations

Progressive Teeth Porcelain Restoration Technology CAD/CAM (CEREC, 3Shape)
Digital Smile Design and Reconstruction (DSD&DSR)
VivaDens Smile Gallery of Indirect Aesthetic Restorations CAD/CAM (CEREC, 3Shape)

Today we can offer to our clients world-wide standards corresponding restoration of mouth function and aesthetic view from the problematic cases - treatment of joint’s pathology, periopathology, restoration of defects of a teeth line, prosthesis on implants - to individual crown reconstruction by micro-prosthesis (veneers, onlays, partial crowns).

Many years for indirect aesthetic restorations the metal ceramics crowns were chosen. Inside such crown there was a metal core and around it - porcelain (teeth color material). Light doesn’t accumulate in natural tooth, but the metal inside a crown reflects light, and due to this cause tooth prosthesis seems unnatural. Also, a “black line” appears close to gum’s line, around the metal ceramics crown, this way even more emphasizing unnaturalness.

Currently we offer metal-free ceramic crowns which are made exclusively from porcelain. Different kind of porcelain is used to make restorations for different teeth. Modern new age dentistry technologies allow to push out of the market the unnaturally looking restorations that fail to meet the aesthetic beauty requirements. Porcelain is firm, thus it looks not only aesthetic, but also reliably restores the lost tooth function. In many cases the crowns may be replaced by more conservative teeth-color veneers in front teeth and onlays in molar teeth. Despite the fact that during indirect aesthetic restoration procedure a certain tooth part is removed, it is possible to preserve up to 50 percent of teeth or more by using these modern methods. In case of a missing tooth an implant may be placed. For minor defects the micro-prosthesis (veneers, onlays, and partial crowns) may be made. Their manufacturing requires absolute accuracy.

All modern prosthesis are made using precise technologies. At VivaDens aesthetic-functional prosthetic works are performed using digital technologies CAD/CAM at clinic or in collaboration with the European dental technician laboratories as well as with the most advanced ones in USA. Digital scanners are used for taking digital impressions thus precision and client's comfort is greatly increased.

Modern treatment is complex: direct aesthetic restoration, indirect aesthetic restoration, treatment of periodontal diseases, correction of gums.

Non-metal ceramics crowns made in laboratory or with CAD/CAM technology and exactly adjusted, in your mouth are cemented to natural tooth tissues by using resin cements containing fluorine. To harden cement and to adhere reliably a tooth with porcelain an dental ultra-violet radiation is used. This process of adhesion decreases a possibility for caries to occur on the surface of natural teeth and ensures durability of restorative works. Without doubt, with advancement of technology, prosthesis serve longer, the possibility to correct them directly in a mouth becomes present.

Porcelain Veneers. Video by American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD):