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Digital X-ray: 3D and Panoramic Orthopantomograms


From 2014, VivaDens provides 3D - computed tomography (CT) and panoramic orthopantomograms by very precise and minimized-X-ray equipment Orthophos XG from Sirona, Germany.

For convenience of dental clients, establishment of more precise diagnosis and more qualitative treatment, VivaDens makes X-ray 3D scans (CBCT – Cone Beam Computed Tomography) and Panoramic Orthopantomograms for its own and other dental clinics‘ clients. The Orthophos XG 3D features safety, precision, high imaging quality, minimized X-ray exposure, which is proportional to the radiated body volume.

Radiography equipment does not tire the clients; an X-ray scan is made in a few seconds. Like conventional digital dental X-rays, it is saved in a computer database, therefore, it is easily accessible and used when needed. This helps dentist to better and more conveniently assess the treatment course and results. Upon request of a client, panoramic orthopantomogram is printed or written into a CD, and 3D scan, together with the preview software, is written into a CD or a USB flash drive.

VivaDens dentists conserve not only the dental tissues, but also an overall health of a client by choosing minimal orthopantomogram jaw segments and radiation.

Minimal radiation of radiography equipment

The inhabitant, being in a natural background, receives an exposure of 2500-3000 microsievert (2,5-3,0 mSv) per year. CBCT equipment Orthophos XG 3D beam flow for one panoramic X-ray is up to 25 microsieverts (0,025 mSv), i.e. about 100 times less than, for instance, for a computed head tomography, while 3D scan – around 100 microsieverts (0,1 mSv) – similar to the amount a passenger receives on a single flight from Frankfurt to New York.

High picture quality increases dental service quality

The 3D scan makes around 200-500 pictures (layers), which allows to much more accurately see and evaluate tissue properties, changes and choose the best treatment. Sirona Orthophos XG 3D equipment 3D scans and software are compatible with the CEREC CAD/CAM equipment used by VivaDens, which allows to digitally design future dental crown and implant location, produce surgical implant guide, accurately screw implants in an optimal position for crowns and make crowns on them.
The most advanced technique, modern technologies and materials which are used more extensively in VivaDens allow providing to the clients more qualitative and reliable dental services by increasing a quality of dentistry services and price ratio.