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Innovations of Digital Smile Design and Reconstruction at VivaDens

Insights of annual scientific conference of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) became the
impulses for innovation and progress.
AACD is distinguished by the highest educational standards of the modern aesthetic dentistry, innovative and progressive program, top lecturers and definitive training. The Academy provides the science-based, selected and useful information to the public and the professionals. Special attention is dedicated to the treatment planning and treatment using scientifically-proven and evidence-based protocols.

AACD encourages interdisciplinary medical and dental treatment to enhance the final outcome and minimize the loss of healthy human tissue. Members of AACD apply minimally invasive treatment protocols that meet the real long-term needs of patients/clients. AACD encourages and supports the use of innovations, technologies and materials and also provision of information to the public.

VivaDens team members at AACD conference, San Francisco, USA, May 2015

Dentist I.Ivance, an active member of AACD since 2003, brings this spirit and knowledge to Lithuania and applies that at VivaDens. In this AACD 2015 conference dentist I.Ivance was interested the most in lectures with live presentations on Digital Smile Design, DSD and Digital Smile Reconstruction (DSR).

There are many of those who talk about that for more than one year. But in AACD Conference the real paths were revealed and they are already being implemented at VivaDens. It looks impressive. That is a new level of aesthetic dentistry for clients, dental clinic personnel and dentists. The main advantage of digital technologies is the possibility for endless accuracy of information and energy as well as non-accumulation of errors in transmission and transformation.

Dentist I.Ivance specially attended the seminar of Quintessence International and the renown dentist/dental technician C.Coachman and his team (Livio Yoshinaga, Paulo Kano) in Dubrovnik, Croatia to learn in depth the planning of Digital Smile Design (DSD) according to face and further interdisciplinary digital smile reconstruction (DSR).

The very DSD concept is progressive in the following aspects:

  • Before planning a specific teeth and smile reconstruction, the 2D and 3D compatibility design is made (as in architecture).
  • In planning 3D teeth positioning is made in accordance with the physical and emotional features of client's face. While planning functional and aesthetic restoration/reconstruction features are considered.
  • DSD planning uses 2D and 3D pictures and models which improves much interdisciplinary communication among specialists, planning and course of reconstruction. It also facilitates and improves communication with patient/client, because they are presented with 2D and 3D images, models. The future teeth test in client’s mouth displays more clearly and accurately the alternative and recommended stages and results of reconstruction. This works as a powerful tool for client motivation and education.

In addition DSD procedure requires the dynamic video teeth-face documentation and in-depth analysis.
Result: reliable, beautiful and functional smile of client/patient and inspiring work for a dentist and the entire team.

Pictures and in-depth analysis of dynamic video teeth-face documentation


Pictures before reconstruction

DSD planning

dsd-dsr-paslg_clip_image004b dsd-dsr-paslg_clip_image005a

Teeth and face pictures after procedure

dsd-dsr-paslg_clip_image006 dsd-dsr-paslg_clip_image007