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Dentist Ingrida Ivance is an accredited member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) since January 18, 2019!

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) is devoted to the acceleration of excellence in science and art of complex aesthetic dentistry and encouragement of standards of the highest ethics and responsible patient/client care.

Dentist Ingrida Ivance is the only dentist from the Baltic states and is one among few accredited AACD members, including the western Baltic states. That evaluates and reflects her experience, skills, knowledge and natural talent in aesthetic dentistry.

European and American Universities have not prepared the specialists of aesthetic dentistry, therefore, in addition to the dental quality, it is complicated for a patient/client to decide what qualification, skills, and experience in aesthetics a dentist has.

In the year 1984 the worldwide American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) was established which is the only one in the world has the accreditation process of Aesthetic Dentistry and grants accreditation. Since 1985 AACD publishes one of the most modern aesthetic dentistry journals - JCD (Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry).

In order to achieve the status of AACD accredited member one needs to continually improve in science and art of dentistry, be aware and follow the protocols as well as have skills to make the esthetic dentistry works of the highest excellence. Until now there are only 404 dentists and 52 dental technicians worldwide who have the status of an accredited member in AACD.

Why accreditation is a huge achievement?

At the beginning an accredited AACD member must pass an oral examination, then submit five clinical cases of the highest quality in an aesthetic smile zone - direct and indirect restorations of a single tooth or group of teeth as well as on an implant, working in close cooperation with surgeon, endodontic specialist, periodontist, dental technician, etc. along with all descriptions and finally to defend them in front of expert commission. By their works and knowledge, the dentists have to demonstrate very high / the highest excellence in aesthetic dentistry and also draft a treatment plan during an exam and present it when reconstructing a complex clinical case of aesthetic dentistry.

Likewise, a dentist must observe the severe protocols, aesthetic and preserving dental ethics. "No other accrediting agency in the USA does not require such severe standards for dentists like this" - says John Rowe, DDS, AAACD (Jonesboro, AR) one of the accreditation examiners.


Dentist I.Ivance described her two accreditation cases, submitted articles and they were published in aesthetic dentistry journal, USA –  JCD (Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry) and on VivaDens Website [1, 2]. In the nearest future, we are going to present other cases in more detail.

Dentist I.Ivance and the VivaDens team is changing, improving and beautifying smiles as well as life for the clients/patients of Lithuanian and foreign countries. Here qualified and responsible dentistry specialists for the teamwork are welcomed as now the wider and higher possibilities became available.

If you live in Lithuania or abroad and look for dental services from the basic to the highest quality of modern dentistry services in all the different fields (family, direct restorations, indirect restorations, implantation, other therapeutical, teeth aligning, surgical, root canal treatment, whitening, laser procedures, etc.),