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Welcome to VivaDens Dentistry and Aesthetics Center

The first in Lithuania, flourishing since the year of 2000 and providing the services from basic to the highest quality, VivaDens Dentistry and Aesthetics Center unfolds healthy and beautiful smiles to patients (clients) not only from Lithuania but from abroad too. In Latin Vivo means alive, dens – a tooth.

Orienting towards qualified and high quality dental work, continuous learning, fairness and sincerity inside as well as providing services to the clients, VivaDens formed a young, professional and harmonious team.

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In our centre, progressive technologies, knowledge and experience allow us to evaluate individual client‘s characteristics based on main aspects and to recommend treatment for the whole system‘s longevity:

    1. Gums and bones – whether the gums are healthy and the amount of bone to support the teeth;
    2. Individual teeth – whether they have cavities, cracks, whether they can withstand the bite force without damaging other teeth;
    3. Interaction between teeth – the way you chew, whether there are problematic temporomandibular joint (TMJ) changes;
    4. Smile characteristics – whether you like how the teeth look – teeth position in the dental arch, their shade, shape, etc.

The most advanced technique, technologies and materials make it possible to provide clients with better quality and more reliable dental services by increasing the ratio of the quality and price of dental services.

Ms. Ingrida Ivance, DDS is the founder and leader of VivaDens and a specialist who gained worldwide recognition in direct aesthetic restorations. Dentist Ivance has been the only Lithuanian laureate of the International Professional Competition in the Art of Tooth Restoration so far.

Specialists of different areas work here. VivaDens cooperates with the Lithuanian and Western dentistry scientists and practice specialists. Thus, teeth and oral cavity of clients who come to VivaDens are treated in their entirety: starting from professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening if needed, straightening teeth using braces, treating teeth root canals, gingiva, placing implants, making dental prosthesis, harmonizing dental prosthesis with natural teeth, fillings, etc. Only high-quality, whole and complete treatment enables us to rejoice together at teeth functionality and aesthetics as well as at a long-term result.

A computer-based dental services management system and really advanced management of dental services was created and implemented in VivaDens for the first time in Lithuania. We may courageously state that the clinic may be an example of harmonious work and management of a company.

Professional development courses for dentists and advanced management courses for leaders of clinics and managers take place at VivaDens. In 2006-2016 the Lithuanian Dental Chamber awarded VivaDens with the acknowledgment letters for partnership and sincere cooperation.

Moreover, the client will feel tenderness and attentiveness at the center and will be touched by an atmosphere of continuous creativity. Each service of the aesthetic dentistry at VivaDens and one more natural and beautiful client’s smile beautifies his/her life and brings joy to him/her as well as a dentist’s heart.

VivaDens is ready to welcome and accept all patients (clients) interested in aesthetic and general dentistry to learn continually and share experience with colleagues.

Office Hours:

Mon.-Thu.: 8:00am – 7:00pm;
8:00am – 5:00pm.
Sat.: by prior arrangement.

Phone for registration: +370-5 262 79 90 or 370-5 267 54 04.

The Following Dental and Facial Aesthetics Services Are Offered at VivaDens:

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VivaDens is glad that we may offer the Lithuanian and foreign clients warm, cozy and peaceful ambience and enrich your life with a beautiful smile. Qualified, experienced and courteous personnel will create a positive experience of a dental visit you will always remember.